Deola Folarin

screenwriter / director


She graduated from WSCAD Film School with a BA in Film & Video with her film, HUSH LITTLE BABY, a 43-minute thriller. Deola graduated with an MA in Screenwriting from the London College of Printing. Her first feature script, STAINED GLASS, was picked for both the prestigious MOONSTONE WRITERS’ and DIRECTORS’ LAB [2002].  Deola’s third award winning short, SALT SCRUBBERS, funded by FILM LONDON was shown in the LONDON FILM FESTIVAL. Her fourth short film, BLAZE, was funded by the FILM COUNCIL and produced by award winning producers, THOMAS BENSKI and MARISA CLIFFORD at PULSE FILMS.

Deola won the British, NORTHERN LIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT AWARD 2008 for her feature project CONCRETE CAT. She got an HONOURABLE MENTION in the INTERNATIONAL EUROSCRIPT SCREEN WRITING COMPETITION in 2014 for her treatment for BROKEN WATERS, a tense psychological thriller, with a strong, shocking female lead. Deola is currently working on a 4th feature film script, THE GIRL WHO CHUCKED A SPEAR AT PLUTO, about FATIMA WHITBREAD the WORLD CHAMPION, javelin thrower.


The Girl Who Chucked a Spear at Pluto

genre: drama, biography



short film

Salt Scrubbers

award winning short film

Stained Glass

feature film