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Magnus Aspli

graphic novelist / screenwriter

Graduate of MA Screenwriting at the London College of Communication. 

Magnus is one of the co-creators and editors of Outré, a new online comic anthology slated to launch in 2013 from Outré Press.


Magnus was the Gold Prize winner in 2011 PAGE Awards for Disappearing DarlingsThe Vessel of Terror was also nominated for Best Indie Graphic Novel of 2011 by


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The Vessel of Terror

feature film - genre: adaptation / horror

status: in development with fantefilm

Stray Lords

television - genre: historical / action

status: commissioned by producer Jan Fantl

Earthlock - Festival of Magic

video game - genre: fantasy

status: in development with Snow Castle


Graphic Novel / Comic: The Vessel of Terror (horror - AM/Markosia) - A Fly on the Wall (featured in Digital Webbing Presents: Volume 2 - The Ugly Part (featured in Once Upon a Time Machine. Dark Horse) - At the World's End (featured in FUBAR American History Z)

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic


The Vessel of Terror

The Vessel of Terror


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